Club Member Expectations

We believe that active participation and engagement from all club members is essential to the success of our club. Therefore we stress the following expectations from club members at each training session:

  • Everyone should be “present” for all other members’ time on the field, regardless of sport. This means to observe, offer feedback, and help if asked.

  • The usage of mobile phones is distracting and strongly discouraged while others are on the field.

  • Everyone is expected to make a good effort to show up on time to training sessions, help set up/dismantle the field, and stay for the entirety of the session. We all have lives outside of club, but regularly leaving club early for reasons not having to do with work or childcare is generally not acceptable to our club.

  • All members are expected to pursue growth as trainers; this means members should be attending private training, classes, handler/helper seminars, or other clubs’ training sessions on a somewhat regular basis. Club members should also be training on their own in between club sessions.

  • To be frank, dog sports are time consuming and expensive. Club members are expected to participate in, support and patronize most activities of the club, defined as training sessions, seminars and trials. When everyone pitches in their time and money we all benefit.

  • Club members are expected to demonstrate that they are working towards goals in trialing. That said, you do not need to be the best of the best, just show that you’re trying.

Prospective Members and Drop-Ins

Our club welcomes prospective members and drop-ins. For drop-ins, there is a small fee of up to $20 to attend our drop-ins with your dog, depending on your level of experience and how much club help you will need. Prospective members are under the same expectations as established members, as described above. This is to ensure that the prospective member is serious for the long haul, and to uphold the quality of our membership as we grow. Prospective members are voted in or out by the membership no later than 3 months after the prospective member begins attending our club sessions.