Shannon - Hunter

Hunter is a 5-year-old Siberian Husky. Hunter has 64 titles: AKC Trick Dog: TKN, TKI, TKA and TKP AKC Obedience: BN and PCD AKC Rally: RN, RI, RA, and RE AKC Agility: ACT1 and ACT2 AKC Canine Good Citizen: CGC, CGCA, and CGCU AKC Barn Hunt: RATI, RATN, RATO, RATS and CZ8B AKC Achiever Dog: AD AKC Fast Cat: BCAT AKC Therapy Dog: THDN UKC Rally: URO1, URO2 and URO3 UKC Agility: UAG1 ASCA Obedience: BN ASCA Rally: RN, RNX, RNC, RA and RAX Do More With Your Dog: NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD, TDCH and NSD Iron Dog: IRDRWP1, IDRWP2, IDRWP3 and IDWWP1 International Weight Pull Association: WDW, WDEW, WDS and WDSW American Pulling Alliance: R1B, R2I, R3A, R4E, STAR1, STAR2, and STAR3 World Wide Weight Pull Organization: WDA, WPDW, WPDR, WPDXR, WPDXW, WPDSW, and WPDSR North American Dog Agility Council: IAC, ICC, IJC and TN-I Hunter is also a fashion model for print and television ads