Bylaws (Work in Progress - Draft Edition)

Constitution and Bylaws for the  Rocky Mountain All-Sports K9 club.


Article I - Name 

The name of the club is will be Rocky Mountain All-Sports K9 and shall be known as such. The proper abbreviation, RMASK9, shall be used by these bylaws.

 Article II – Purpose and Objectives

 The objectives of the Club shall be: 

  1. Interest, welcome and support owners of all breeds who are interested in Mondioring, IPO and/or AKC obedience.[1] 

  2. The promotion of working dogs for Mondioring, IPO, and other sport programs.

  3. Support the education of prospective decoys in Mondioring and IPO.

  4. Support and organize trials for Mondioring under USMRA (United States Mondioring Association) rules.

  5. Support and organize trials for IPO (Internationale Prufungs-Ordnung) under DVG/USCA [2] (xxxxx) rules.[3] 

  6. Organize mock trials and “fun matches” to prepare members of this and other clubs for trialing.

 Article III 

This Club shall be a not-for-profit organization.  All dues, levies and other income shall be dispersed to promote the objectives of this Club[4] RMASK9, along with associated social activities.

Article IV 

This Club may be dissolved, at any time, by a written consent of two thirds (2/3) majority vote of its active members, in good standing.  In such case after payments of all debts and liabilities of the Club, its assets and properties shall be divided equally among its active members in good standing.[5] 

 Article V - Membership


Section A:  The Club “RMASK9” shall only consist only of active members[6] . These members shall be entitled to use club equipment and fields[7] . All active members should be members of a parent organization like USMRA, DVG or USCA.

 Section B:  Application for election to Membership: 

  1. Applicants shall attend 6 training sessions, after which their membership shall be voted on at the next meeting of the Club.  Election to Active Membership shall require unanimous approval of the membership.

 Section C: Active Member Responsibilities: 

  1. An active role is mandatory for everyone. All club RMASK9 members are required to “be present” for all other members’ time on the field, regardless of sport. This means to observe, offer feedback, and help if asked. The usage of mobile phones / electronic devices is distracting and should be minimized.

  2. All members are expected to regularly help set up and clean the field. This means that members should make a good effort to be on time and to stay until the end of every Club training session, unless otherwise impossible or due to work conflicts.

  3. All members are reasonably expected to pursue growth as trainers/handlers. Attending training and decoy/helper seminars hosted by the Club or other clubs, private training lessons or learning from other clubs and trainers, and actively seeking ways to fix identified issues in their training are expected of club members. Club members are expected to demonstrate that they are working towards goals in trialing or service.

  4. All members are expected to participate in and support most activities of the Club, defined as training sessions, seminars and trials. Failing to appear to 6 Club activities in a row or missing more than half of Club activities over a 6 month period will lead to automatic probation and consequences defined in Article V Section D. However, reasonable excuses to missing Club activities include trialing, work, or short term disability of less than 3 months’ duration.[8] 

 Section D: Probation: 

Any member who consistently fails to participate in the Club according to the rules outlined in Article V Section C may be subject to probation by a majority vote. The member shall be presented with a written document of their behaviors that are not aligned with the Club’s expectations of active members and shall have the opportunity to change those behaviors over the course of 60 days. After 60 days the membership will vote on whether to lift the member’s probation or move to termination. A majority vote is required to motion for termination.

 Section E: Suspension: 

  1. Any member who is delinquent on club dues and levies past 60 days is considered suspended from the club until such dues and levies are paid.

  2. Any member performing decoy work while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications that impair motor skills will be suspended from Club for 30 days. Too lenient?[9]  

Section F:  Misconduct/Membership Termination: 

  1. Any member caught engaging in training that is harmful or abusive to the dog, or abusive to another member, shall be immediately expelled from the club by club majority vote.

  2. Definition of harm and abuse towards the dog:

    1. Our club supports the use of prong, flat, choke or electronic collars, for example, but hitting the dog with an object with the intent to injure or incite fear would fall under abuse.

    2. Illicit drugs for performance enhancement.

    3. Exercising the dog in jumps or protection work despite obvious acute or chronic injuries that would reasonably be believed to worsen with this exercise.

    4. Any behavior towards the dog that is reasonably believed by the rest of the membership to lead to lasting psychological or physical injury to the dog.

  3. Definition of abuse to another member:

    1. Verbal insults with intent to humiliate or intimidate.

    2. Sexual harassment.

    3. Physical aggression. 

Article VI - Dues and Levies

 Section A:  Dues 

  1. Active Members dues are due quarterly. All dues paid are non-refundable. The amount is set by the Club each year with a written justification for the amount that must be agreed to by a majority vote of the members.[10] 

  2. There may be training fees per session for each dog for new fields or areas of training; for example, the rental of an indoor training arena. All members should be in accordance. 

Section B:  Special Levies 

  1. The membership may approve, by majority vote, the collection of special, equal, levies against the membership, to meet the expenses of the Club.  Special levies, once paid, are non-refundable. Special levies might be used to further decoy education, purchase new equipment, or host trials or seminars. 

Section C:  Non-Payment of dues and/or levies 

  1. Any member that is delinquent in dues for 60 days will have their membership suspended, be considered not in good standing, and may not make use of the club until those dues are collected.

Article VII - Government 


Section A:  There is no board of directors[11]  

  1. The control and management of the affairs of the Club is the equal responsibility of all members. There is no traditional “board of directors” structure, but rather individuals who shall volunteer as a delegate and representative for the parent club. For example, a member shall act as delegate for USMRA, and another member shall be delegate for the DVG parent organization.[12] 

  2. Delegates must “renew their interest” in this rule each calendar year. If there is more than one member interested in a delegate role, they must summon it in themselves to work out who will be the official delegate for the year.

  3. Delegates must be in good standing with the Club; they must have no pending disciplinary actions against them by the parent club, nor have outstanding dues.

  4. Minutes of club meetings shall be captured during the meeting by a volunteer at the time, and likewise treasurer duties [13] are the duty of the entire club. All treasury disbursements are decided by the entire club. Both meeting minutes and accounting will be posted on the website of the Club so the membership can view it at any time.

  5. Might want to elect a treasurer to do the actual deposits and withdrawals to the account?[14] 


Article VIII – General Meetings

 General meetings 

  1. General membership meetings may be held in conjunction with training sessions. Unless otherwise announced, these meetings will be held on the first training session of the month, although a meeting may be requested at any time by any member.

 Article IX – Constitutional Amendments

 Constitutional amendments 

  1. The Constitution and By-laws may be amended, altered or repealed by a majority vote of the active membership.

  2. Any proposed changes in the Constitution and By-laws shall be formally read at the monthly meeting preceding the meeting at which the actual voting will take place and shall appear in the minutes of the meeting.

 ARTICLE X: -  Dissolution

 This Club may be dissolved, at any time, by a written consent of two thirds (2/3) majority vote of its active members, in good standing.  In such case after payments of all debts and liabilities of the Club, its assets and properties shall be divided equally among its active members in good standing.


 Section 1: Method of Dissolution

 The Club may be dissolved by the membership. There must be a three-quarters (¾) favorable vote with a majority of the members voting.

 Section 2: Liabilities and Assets

If the Club is dissolved, all just debts and liabilities of the Club shall be  paid. After payment of all debts and liabilities, the association's assets and properties shall   be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation or corporation which is organized and  operated exclusively for the betterment of the sport of dogs.

 ARTICLE XI – Discrimination

 The Rocky Mountain All-Sports K9 (commonly referred to as RMASK9) is a dog sport club committed to an anti-discrimination in all of its programs. RMASK9 does not discriminate by race, ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, marital status, language, or disability.