Hunter holding some of his brags - credit to Shannon

Hunter holding some of his brags - credit to Shannon


Rocky Mountain All-Sports K9 Club

We are a Colorado-based competitive dog sport club that welcomes all breeds. We are primarily a Mondioring and IPO/Schutzhund club but welcome practitioners of other sports, or those interested in competitive AKC-style dog obedience. We love to train our canine companions in a fun environment with the goal of competitive trialing.

Our club is not-for-profit and we are affiliated through USMRA and DVG. We are fortunate to have devoted trainers in our club and we strongly encourage members to seek out training and participate in handler and helper seminars.

Our club meets Thursday evenings and Saturdays in multiple locations to accommodate club members and introduce our dogs to new fields. Our central training spot is most often located in Westminster, CO, but we sometimes train in Laramie (Wyoming), Fort Collins or Colorado Springs on Saturdays.

We encourage all prospective members to read our expectations before deciding if our club would be a good fit for you.